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Bathroom has a special place in our culture. Bathrooms, which are located as the center of the search for hygiene and quiet in the houses, are the places where people are both purified and can stay alone. Of course, at this point, it is very important to find bathroom models that are compatible with the whole house, understand your needs and reflect your soul.Making the special place even more special with its unique design bathroom furniture models, The More offers a wide range of models that meet every demand, a long-lasting mastery and a turn-key service in its modern machinery. The R&D center applies different designs and higher quality production details for you every day.


It is a libertarian and stunning neoclassical model that will enhance your home’s reputation with its stance, elegance and grace. 


Your brilliant victory crown in your strong life with flashy, graceful motives.


A design that adds spruceness and purity to your bathroom with jewellery effect.


A valuable model that combines ergonomy and functionality with care… With its aesthetic and natural look, DIGNA will be new precious one of your home.


The name of serenity that adds warmth to your bathroom with its design.


Magna’s stylistic power derives from many historical references that define its personality and give it an endless charm. It provides maximum comfort and blending functionality in every area.


Aia prefers not to draw attention, but to be remembered. It is impressive with a simple style and clean interrupted lines. It is a dignified model with the rich colors of its golden metal feet applied to wood.


Eva enlivens the environment with its colorful personality and modern style. The elegant iron part blends with lacquer paint and reflects a warm personality.


You found your youth elixir! Alisa will make you feel more alive and full of life thanks to its energy.


With its warm nuances and refined decorations, Vilda combines luxury style with composite solutions that truly optimize the space.


As a result of the wonderful combination of iron and wood; a pure style Elsa provides a minimal look with its vibrant colors and elegant iron leg details in your bathroom.


A compact design in which wood, lacquer paint and acrylic textures are used together. It also does not need a sink with its acrylic countertop and is complemented by illuminated mirrors.


Sven reflects today’s innovative look with vertical stiff lines and a handle-free look. This elegant and highly personal collection has an industrial style developed in a detailed-oriented way.


Thyra is an extremely elegant model with a classic design that emphasizes all the fineness with classic CNC engravings on the covers and plain copper details.

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