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Design & decoration


There is a beauty wherever a human is. Elements such as style, elegance and sincerity form the identity of a place and happiness begins with the unique spirit of the place. The More brought the dreams to the canvases and the canvases to your living spaces with kind touches. These living spaces, which we prepare with care and attention at each point, have finally become works that we are proud of. We commend them to their original owners: you. We transform spaces into works of art and details into elegance.

“We have love for our art at every point of our designs.”

See our references related to the decoration works all processes of which including design, production and assembly carried out by The More for the public workplaces such as offices, hospitals, colleges, hotels, plazas, etc.

Offices- Business Centers- Institution's Buildings

Hotels Decoration- Mayia Exclusive Resort&Spa

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