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The door is one of the key architectural elements that help to understand and solve the “house” puzzle. Acting in harmony with your kitchen, bathroom, furniture and wall colors, it reveals the overall harmony of the house. The More designs and manufactures functional doors by guiding wood, blending manual labor with a professional machinery. It always aims to offer better for you by analyzing all the details for interior doors with its expert R&D and production staff.


Doors That Give a Magic Touch to Life

Lacqure painted neoclassical design special paneled and slatted.


Ones Who Prefer Wood

Special paneled and slatted veneered design whose door frame and trims are compatible with door leaf.


Beyond the Borders

A door that carries the area and space of use beyond the borders with its line… Design which is both possible to apply lacquered and veneered.


Lines of Nature

Flora is a collection, CNC operated, which has designed glass, adds aesthetic with flippy and live motives to places used.


The Door Opens to Your Dreams

The doors that affect the aesthetic feelings with their linear and modern lines.


The Door Opens to The Footprints of The History

The doors that the palace motives from the
Ottoman Empire come to life with modern design lines.


Quality of Life in Your Home

Garda series, where classic and luxury lines are blended, will take you on a journey to the past.


Melamine Surfaced Door

Modern doors which have meticulously designed designs, resistant to scratches and bumps thanks to of its surface.


Dynamic & Modern

Veneered door frame and door trims, lining door leaf which is possible to be applied door design. Meticulous Modern and elegant door design whose veneers are industrial and natural.


Natural Beauty

Lacquered door design which is possible to apply dyed lining.


For Your Modern Work Areas

Special door design with laminated door leaf and door trim produced from anodized aluminum which is ideal for public places such as offices, hospitals, colleges, hotels, places.


Your Lifeline

Reflect your unusual style in your living space. Turn the harmony of beautiful metallic paint and natural wood veneer colors on the train and add a different interpretation to your doors.

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